Frank Roche

2005 Michigan Comedy Survivor WINNER

2006 Boston Comedy Festival Favorite

2007 Headlined Comedy Revolution

          @ The Boston Comedy Festival

2007 Headlined Laughapalooza @ Meadowbrook Theater

2008 Detroit International Comedy Festival

2009 Headliner Heineken Laugh Your Heinie Off Tour

2009 Headliner Indiana Katelynn Stinnett

          Memorial Fund for Child Abuse Awareness

2010 Corona Comedy Tour

2011 Gilda's Laughfest Best of the Midwest

2012 NBC's America's Got Talent top 100

2013 Funny Or Die's Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival

          w/ Dave Chappelle

2015 Katt Williams “BORN AGAIN… AGAIN” Tour

          Joe Louis Arena Detroit, MI

2019 Antelope Valley Comedy Festival @ LPAC Lancaster CA

The Italy Boys


The Capricci's are the last of the Italian Mafia families left in Detroit to quietly rule their city unopposed for three generations. Vengeance and greed are the two flames that always burn bright, like the Mafia, what's behind you can be just as deadly as what's in front of you.

Wheels of Steel


The true story of Hector Omero Rodriguez, from Texas, who rose to the top of the Gulf Coast Drug Cartel making billions after being confined to a wheelchair from an incident that left him a quadriplegic.  His journey takes us behind the curtain of the most brutally violent drug cartel in the world.



A very true story about the National Vice-President and Enforcer of the Outlaws MC.  He rode around the world raising hell while rising through the ranks of one of the most notorious bike gangs in history.